Repent UK


During World War II, the king called for a day for prayer. As a group of Christians, we have realised the nation needs to seek God once again. Unfortunately, the monarch does not appear to lead such an endeavour. Worse still, neither do our church leaders. Therefore, it has fallen to us, ordinary believers, to try to rally the troops, as it were, in a spiritual battle. We are very aware that all that is going on around us – the lockdowns, the curbing of free speech, the financial issues, the gender confusion – has been wrought by God. We must face the fact that we are under His judgement, and therefore, if we are to pray, that prayer must start with repentance.

Therefore, we ask that you would join us in setting some time aside each first Sunday of every month for prayer and repentance.

Please take some time to explore the website, and get in touch with questions.

The following video presented by Answers In Genesis identifies and explains the foundational reason for our nation’s rejection of God and the consequences which we now face. We have therefore, chosen this topic as a focus for repentance in 2022.