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Bellow are some frequently asked questions which we endeavour to answer:

What is the purpose of Repent UK?

What is Sin and why does it matter?

Why is God angry?

Why should you care what the Bible says?

Were COVID-19 and the lockdowns the judgement of God upon our civilisation?

When should I pray?

Why is Genesis integral to the Gospel?

You matter to God – Here is why

Why should there be national repentance for abortion?

What are National Sins?

Why should Bible reading inform prayer?

How do we know God hears prayer?

Does the Bible say anything about taxation?

What is Selective Depravity?

What Is the Purpose of Repent UK?

What Is Sin And Why Does It Matter?

Why Should You Care What The Bible Says?

Were COVID-19 And The Lockdowns The Judgement of God Upon Our Civilisation? 

When Should I Pray? 

You Matter to God – Here is Why

Why Is Genesis Integral To The Gospel?

Why Should There Be National Repentance For Abortion?

Why Should Bible Reading Inform Prayer?

How Do We Know God Hears Prayer?

Does The Bible Say Anything About Taxation?

What Is Selective Depravity?

Why Is God Angry?

What are National Sins?